How is Blogger AdSense Approved?


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I have a novice site on blogger, I do not aim to make money. If I take out the domain money, it's enough for me. The site has been around for about 8 months. There are 130 publications and 6,000 hits in total. I'm using TemplatesYard's theme, I think it's suitable for ads. The error I get from AdSense:
Your site is not ready to show ads

We found some policy violations on your site that means your site isn't ready to show ads yet.
Google-served ads shown on screens without publisher content

1.Ads served by Google are not allowed on the following types of screens:
-Screens with no content or low value content,
-Screens under construction
-Screens used for warning, navigation, or other behavioral purposes.
-For more information, check out these resources:
-Policy tips for creating high-quality sites (part 1)
-Policy tips for creating high-quality sites (part 2)
-Webmaster quality guidelines
-AdSense program policies
-low value content

Your site does not yet meet the criteria for use in the Google publisher network. Check out the following resources for more information:
Minimum content requirements
Making sure your site offers a good user experience with unique and high-quality content
Webmaster quality guidelines for poor content
Webmaster quality guidelines
For more information, review the Content policies or visit the Help Center. After you fix the violations, you can request a review of your site.

There are videos on my site, not text, I upload the videos myself via jwplayer.


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