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    Cmd Employee Hosting

    Friends, do you have hosting that works both Php and Python and Cmd?
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    Forum script and Domain/Hosting recommendation.

    Hello. I would like you to suggest a free Forum script. I'm thinking of Flarum for now. It would also be good if you suggest a reliable site where I can buy cheap domain and hosting.
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    I Recommend Reliable Hosting Company Without Hassle

    As we all know, it is a quality hosting company that I have used without any problems so far in terms of price and performance, as we all know, friends working in the hosting support department usually give such answers. -You have to do this -We can't do this -It has been forwarded to the...
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    C# help

    C#: static void Main(string[] args) { double weight, height, body mass; Console.WriteLine("Enter Weight"); kilo = Convert.ToDouble(Console.ReadLine()); Console.WriteLine("Enter Height"); size =...
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    Robotic Coding Application Examples

    Thanks to block-based coding, children can develop problem-solving, productivity, collaborative work and creativity at an early age without the need for high-level programming knowledge.
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    PC for gaming, software and coding

    Hello friends, I am thinking of buying a new desktop pc, as I mentioned in the title, it will be for games, software and coding. Can you recommend a system in these criteria. I have one more question: On some motherboards, vga hdmi text, that is, do these motherboards also work on monitors...
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    What languages do I need to know for cloud storage application?

    Hello, I will gather a team, but I do not know which experts will be in the team.
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    ASP.NET maintainability

    What do you think is the sustainability of Asp.Net? In today's situation, is it free time to learn Asp.Net? What is its course compared to other web programming languages?
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    Is there a future for Android?

    I want you to learn android application programming. Since it will be a long process, it would be logical to do research beforehand. Do you think there is a future? Can money be made? Is it worth learning?
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    Positive Technology Help

    Hello, I didn't quite understand. (Positive Technology) as the 1st; We will buy the iPad 9th generation address type; We will make my delivery and billing address Secondly; I am a student. Instead of invoice information, we will write our own name, surname and tc identity, or will it write our...
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    Professionals from different sectors will meet at the technology week

    Bringing the business and technology worlds together, Istanbul Tech Week will be held in Istanbul on 2-3-4 November. The event, attended by 30 thousand people in the past 2 years, offers networking opportunities with senior executives, start-ups, academics and technology providers. Organized...
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    The technology giant accidentally sent a quarter million dollars to its user!

    Technology giant Google accidentally sent almost a quarter of a million dollars to a user as a result of human error.
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    YouTube monetization age problem?

    When the 4k hours and 1k subscriber limit on the YouTube channel is exceeded, does the person making the voiceovers in the videos be under the age of 18, will it cause a problem in earning money?
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    YouTube Can't Make Money

    friends, I passed 1000 subscribers, but I can't make money on youtube, I don't know why, it says add your site as it appears in the faqs, but I don't know what site to add, youtube does not accept when I add my link, please help.
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    How to make youtube dark mode?

    Like many other apps and services on the 22, YouTube offers a Dark Mode option that is easily accessible from the Settings menu.
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    All phones whose front camera can shoot 4k 60fps video and your suggestions...

    The question is in the title guys. Thank you
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    Phone recommendation between 300-500 dollar

    The budget is so much, what would you recommend if I can't exceed this budget?
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    Is Samsung Micro SD card suitable for mobile phone?

    Is V30 U3 A2 Micro SD card suitable for mobile phone?
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    Pinterest moves to buy VSCO

    Pinterest is reportedly in talks to acquire VSCO. According to the New York Times report, the social network will acquire VSCO, the photo and video editing/sharing application that has provided tools to mobile users for years. Neither side confirmed the direct negotiations and did not disclose a...
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    Microsoft's Consideration to Take Pinterest

    Microsoft, the technology company that has accomplished great things, is also among the largest companies. Especially recently, there is the Pinterest application, which is very popular and generally shares photos and videos. Microsoft sat down with the company to acquire Pinterest and a meeting...